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In a nutshell: I am not psyhic or medium (even though sometime they call me that). I use terms as "sync with someone" or "reading someone", but there is not more magic in it than in creation of music or writing a book. The main thing is Attention - there is a power in it. My Attention concentrated on a human being surfing this world.
I've got certificates from different organization.:
  • London School of Natural Health Science
  • The center of human development "Gates of Worlds"
      In 2006 I moved to Amsterdam and received EU citizenship
      I studied law for a year and than went to study languages. I am a translator by education.
      I used to work in marketing, on factory and in Hilton hotel.
      When I was teenager I used to read lots of book about serial killers trying to figure out why they do what they do.
      I have a music education and I play piano and violin. And now I am learning to play sax.
      My dream is to move to USA.
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      types of consultations
      It's an answer from me on one of your questions related to different sides of life. You can ask one question on any subject or issue.
      You will get an audio answer from me via what's app or Telegramm. (est 5-10 min of audio)

      47 EUR
      Know you super-power, applying which will expand your potential and lets you to make more consious choices. Most of people used to think that talent is something related to art, creativity or crafts of some sort. Actually it is not completely true. The actual talent is what you can apply to any fields of activity in your life. The talent is a very active part of you that most of people normally ignore or neglect.
      For example the talent to choose the right time to start a new business. Or The talent of "light hand" I call it, when no matter what you "touch" this thing or event becomes easy, lighter to solve, more happy for all involved. Or the talent to start something new. I call them "serial starter", when person can actually help to start any venture and it will be successful.
      During this life session we will talk about your talent, how to recognize it and most important how to apply it in real life to make your life more fulfilled and happy.
      You will get an audio answer from me via what's app or Telegramm. (est 5-10 min of audio)

      PRICE: 57 EUR
      I can pass the message from your TEACHER to you. Everyone of us has a teacher who guides us through life, most of people can't hear it or rather don't pay attention to signs that are given to them. The message is very personal and will relate only to your private situation. It will be audio recording for 5-15 min.

      60 EUR
      This consultation will clarify for you the main issue that stands on your way to development. This is tough consultation we the answer you might not necessarily will like. What barrier is stopping you from further development in life?
      Barrier can be anything. For example your fears that lead your away from you path and your dreams. It can be assumptions that hold you back from being true you. It can be illusion that doesn't let you do what you suppose to do in your life.
      This barrier needs to be articulated and faced. Than it can be overcome for your better future. You will get an audio answer from me via what's app or Telegramm. (est 5-10 min of audio)

      PRICE: 72 EUR
      What questions can be asked:
      - Are you attuned to the certain business type.
      - What kind of issues can be expected and how to avoid them.
      - What kind of changes can be made to a current strategy to make more profit in business.
      - Should I partner with someone and if there will be issues or advantages to work with this person. What you can expect.
      - What can be changed in a current range
      of products to improve profit.
      - Branding : should it be changed for your business? What impression your current branding giving to potential customers.
      This consultation will be done via phone call. Duration : 30-40 min

      PRICE: 112 EUR

      This is month long consultation.
      During this month I will be advising your on any issues you might have related to business. You can ask any type of advise in real time. Examples of requests: logo choosing, vendors, time of presentation.
      This type of consultation can be useful when you are just starting your business or you are in a middle of restructuring/renewing your business in any way. This monthly long consultation will be in a private telegramm channel where all audio and text messages can be saved for future references.

      PRICE: 264 EUR

      Extended Consultation
      Half Hour Consultation about many different issues (of your choice) and/or complex issue. Normally we would have a call and you will be able to ask anything you want. Please prepare a list of questions since I reply rather fast on one question ( it takes max 2-3 min on one, unless it's a super complex issue). You can ask about personal, business or health.

      PRICE: 93 EUR
      If you have any questions or requests or issues please drop us an email. We will be happy to assist:
      If you have questions or suggestions, write to us!
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